Party Today & Share

Party Today & Share


  • “My morning after using Prime contained no nausea, no sensation of a speed-bag being knocked around in my head, and no clinging to some awkward position because that was the only safe place to lie. Did we just become best friends, Prime?”

    -Jason Ruiz

    Long Beach Post

  • “Few things are worse than the feeling of a hangover after an awesome night out, but Prime has you covered. I put Prime to use on New Year’s Eve (and trust me, I had quite a few drinks), and I woke up feeling like a million bucks on New Year’s Day.”

    -Danasia Fantastic

  • "I've used prime on multiple occasions and it has allowed me to wake up fresh and pumped to take on the day! This product that actually delivers on their promise."

    -Andrew Reid

    Drink Tipsy (Alcohol Delivery App)

  • “Prime is a lifesaver. Now that I have neared my 30s, my hangovers hit me a lot harder than they used to. I always keep some Prime handy, whether it's for some happy hour drinks after work or a night out on the town. This stuff works!!!”

    -Pejmon Noori

    Proper’s Pickles

  • “Prime is a miracle worker. I've put it to the test through birthday and bachelorette parties and have been rewarded with no hangover! Heavily recommended to everyone I know and don't!”

    -Gina Wegener

    Pancea Planners