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Metabolizing alcohol depletes your body of vitamins and water and also introduces new toxins into your liver. This is what makes you feel hungover the next day. Prime contains the electrolytes, B vitamins as well as a unique amino acid complex that helps your liver remove toxins and give your body everything it needs to prevent hangovers. Prime only breaks down the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism and not the alcohol itself, so it doesn’t stop you from getting drunk.

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When you drink alcohol, your body loses large amounts of electrolytes over time, especially potassium, which is difficult to replenish. Prime includes a potassium-replenishing electrolyte supplement to help keep you healthy and refreshe

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The toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism deplete your body's sources of vitamin B. Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin that needs to be constantly replenished. Prime contains a B-vitamin complex that will help protect you from vitamin depletion.

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Glutathione is a compound that it naturally produced by your liver. It helps your body break down acetaldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism, but not the alcohol itself. Glutathione boosts your body's hangover protection without killing your buzz. Your liver's ability to naturally produce glutathione, the compound that protects your body from the toxic chemicals that cause hangovers, is limited and required a specific set of essential amino acids. Prime includes an amino acid complex specifically designed to boost your liver's ability to produce hangover-blocking glutathione.

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N-Acetyl-Cysteine binds to acetaldehyde, the toxic substance produced when you breakdown alcohol. This amino acid also replenishes glutathione, an antioxidant responsible for protecting you against oxidative stress.

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Just add water.

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Feel free to email our Director of Research and Development at and he will answer your additional questions and address your concerns.

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  • “My morning after using Prime contained no nausea, no sensation of a speed-bag being knocked around in my head, and no clinging to some awkward position because that was the only safe place to lie. Did we just become best friends, Prime?”

    -Jason Ruiz

    Long Beach Post

  • “Few things are worse than the feeling of a hangover after an awesome night out, but Prime has you covered. I put Prime to use on New Year’s Eve (and trust me, I had quite a few drinks), and I woke up feeling like a million bucks on New Year’s Day.”

    -Danasia Fantastic

  • "I've used prime on multiple occasions and it has allowed me to wake up fresh and pumped to take on the day! This product that actually delivers on their promise."

    -Andrew Reid

    Drink Tipsy (Alcohol Delivery App)

  • “Prime is a lifesaver. Now that I have neared my 30s, my hangovers hit me a lot harder than they used to. I always keep some Prime handy, whether it's for some happy hour drinks after work or a night out on the town. This stuff works!!!”

    -Pejmon Noori

    Proper’s Pickles

  • “Prime is a miracle worker. I've put it to the test through birthday and bachelorette parties and have been rewarded with no hangover! Heavily recommended to everyone I know and don't!”

    -Gina Wegener

    Pancea Planners